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                                                                                          Niceland: a brilliant place to be!!
Have you ever been in an exotic place?Have you ever experienced a day in  wildlife?Niceland is one of the most beautiful and unique places in the entire world, that you have the opportunity to live in the jungle, with wild animals and  most importantly with safety!

To begin with, Niceland is in nothern Brazil. The scenery here in Niceland is fantastic.Many trees, different kind of species, a lot of green, variety of flowers-plants with various colours and of course the Amazon with it's impetuous waters make this place extremely appealing for tourists from every corner of the earth.The view is breathtaking, the sky is bright blue and combined with the shining sun is so beautiful.

In addition to, for those who love adventure and sports, there are many options in order to satisfy yourself.Here you can relax, become fit and get a new lease of life.For example, you have the opportunity to do canoe, rafting, you can swim across the Amazon even scuba-diving.Furthermore, the cuisine here in Niceland is absolutely excellent.Traditional dishes are available in a luxurious restaurant which has as  a target to promote the dishes of our area in a very successful way.Different kinds of music are played by their orchestra and also songs of your choice, so as to make you feel comfort and enjoy your vacation.

So, if you are looking for a place to spend your vacation creatively and if you want to have unforgettable experiences, then you should visit Niceland.You will never regret it!!