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— by Aris.Charmandaris Aris.Charmandaris

      No one can deny that the city of Edessa is one of the prettiest cities in Macedonia and the world. The population of the city of Edessa is 18.253 and the town there is at least 3.000 years. Also i want to indicate that the occasion to write about this landscape was my little niece who offered this trip to me as a gift to that destination.

     The waterfalls of Edessa is the symbol of the city and unique sigh in Greece and Europe. Anyone can safely admire the big waterfall "Karan" with water falling from a height of 70 metres and the double waterfall , as well as the cave under the rock. Also there are coloured gardens with a large variety of flowers , great smells and the lovely rellaxing feel of the fresh air.

   What impressed me in this journey , was firstly the hospitality of the local people and their wiligness to offer you immediately what ever you need.Moreover the traditional buildings, clean air and the wonderful scents of the homes of the residents made me turn some years back when the years were more carefree and the was not so  much anxiety in the people.

    To sum up is a very beatiful city that everyone should visit.