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— by Juliet S. Juliet S.
                                                                                      Serres:A Hidden Treasure

Have you ever been to a lake which hosts some of the rarest species worldwide? Have you ever visited a big cave? Well, Serres may at first sounds as an inappropriate place to find these, but in fact, you can visit many recognisable places.

To begin with, the Kerkini lake is an artificial lake in Serres and can be a really good destination for those who want to combine nature and fun. The lake hosts some of the rarest species and many endangered ones which are under protection. Being there transists a feeling of happiness to both visitors and animals. Many visitors are impressed about the way people treat animals there. Personally, I believe that it's the best place to visit in order to chill out.

What is more, the Alistrati's cave is a place that you should not miss. It's in a town which is a few kilometres apart from serres. It contains many natural creations which are breathtaking and every second is full of interest about what;s next. I've been there several times and the feeling is the same: thankfulness for what nature creates.

Of course, there are many other places to visit. For instance, you can visit the archaeological site of Ampholis and see what out ancestors created. If you want to meet the life of Serres, you can visit the valley, where people go to exercise or even go for a walk. Last but anything but least, you can go for swimming and sunbathing to the Kariani's beach.

All in all, the area of Serres is a place where you can find many beautiful spots. One thing is for sure, those who love nature and ancient remainings won't be dissapointed